Soft Landscaping & Indoor Planting


Soft Landscaping


Are you looking to revamp that garden or plant that new patch?

Finding the planting style that you like and suits your home.  Depending on your situation, concepts plans, and a detailed planting plans it is your choice.  Coming up with ideas you may never have thought of and taking care to plan for practical requirements.

Chamaedorea microspadix-001.JPG

Indoor Planting


Offering indoor planting in your home or office that's appealing and has a high chance of survival.

Real plants provide health benefits.  

Working in consultation to choose containers that require minimal effort for maximum health of your plants.

Advice in ongoing care. 



Gift Vouchers

Asking or visiting to find the ideal Pot Plant(s).  Or design a small patch of garden.

For vouchers starting from $80 Your gift voucher gets them a pot plant like the one pictured delivered in the Auckland/Eastern area.  The pot is special and only needs watering once a week.  Plants perform better in these pots as they can drink when they need to from the reservoir in the bottom.  The plant suits the decor and light position in the house and most importantly the receiver likes it.

Give the gift that keeps giving health benefits.

Spend more and they can receive a plant in the special pot inside a trendy container like a woven basket or the newest style pot stands.



"By the way, everyone in the office does really love the potplants A LOT, so well done on a good job"


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